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Welcome to Fencci

FENCCI is a ladies fashion watch brand, cultured with trend setting artistic designs that are youthful with a lifestyle to describe a million emotions of a woman. It is sophisticated and crafted to give tender care, a complete lifestyle that puts a single woman at the center of her daily life.

FENCCI aims to fulfill every woman's intrinsic need for self- expression while praising her inner passion. Fencci caters to the woman of affluence & gratifies her need for reward & recognition, evolving continuously to suit her style & personality.

Fencci’s collection has a stylish elusive and feminine look that is manifestly evocative of strength & grace. In brief Fencci is for the woman of spirit & substance. 


To empower women and applaud for various achievements in life and promote a rewarding attitude.

Authenticity, Affordability, Accessibility, Convenient, Spirited.

Appearance of power of feminity, replication of confidence, outlook and the inner self of a woman

Brand Message
Honoring women’s achievements and inspiring her to achieve higher goals as well. Life is a precious asset; it should be sipped, lived and enjoyed with its perfumes and atmospheres moment by moment.


Affordable Luxury & Designs
Fencci Watch is well priced to make it affordable for our prospective audience who fall in the middle class & upper middle class categories. The design concept of Fencci watches revolves around curvilinear forms that symbolize the inner passion of women.

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